As a realtor, I have over twenty years of experience in residential real estate sales and have won numerous awards during my time as a real estate consultant. I recognize that your home is your largest investment and that it is important for you to feel you are able to entrust that investment with an experienced person who will do her utmost to motivate buyers to purchase your home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price possible. If I am helping you purchase a home, I will make a point of getting to know you as a person so that I know what your needs are in a home and how best to find you the house of your dreams.

With my years of experience, ongoing education, and success in the real estate industry, you can rest assured that I can be relied on to deliver excellent service whether you are buying or selling. If you have any questions concerning your home (current market value, average marketing time, comparable sales in your neighborhood, etc.), please feel free to contact me any time. I will never forget that I am here to serve you and aid you in finding your ideal home or moving on from a home you currently own. Thank you for visiting this website and I look forward to hearing from you!

With planning, saving, and imagining, the process of purchasing a home is a lot of fun. A first step is to become pre-qualified for a loan with a lender of your choice. Then, think about how much home you dream of owning with your budget in mind. Contacting a real estate agent, like myself, with your price range and a feel for what you want in your dream home will make the process much easier for you.

Some buyers look at fifty or more homes before choosing one. Other see just one and love how it meets their needs. Most fall somewhere in between. I give personal attention to each and every buyer to find the home that will best fit their needs.

Again, when buying a home or condo you should visit with a local lender before you begin your search. If you would like my advice about which lender to get in contact with, email me at or call me directly at 414-477-5727 (my mobile phone) so that we discuss your specific situation.